Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Muppets (Spoiler Alert)

Dear Readers,

(Spoiler Alert- some plot points are givin in this review.  Also- the spell check isn't working right now so please forgive any errors) 

                    This week I had the pleasure of seeing the much-anticipated new Muppet Movie.
Well thought-out screen-play by Jason Segal and Nicholas Stoller kept me engaged and entertained.
There were lots of peppy new song and dance numbers as well as the old standard "Rainbow Connection" which I have to admit- left me feeling very nostalgic and perhaps a tear or two escaped my smiling eyes... but that's between us!

             Jason Segal and Amy Adams make a great sugary-sweet couple who have been together for 10 nausiatingly sweet years.  And I loved Jason's interaction with his muppet brother "Walter" they are insperable with matching pajamas/twin beds/etc  "I know what you're thinking- we could be TWINS!"
Chris Cooper does a fine job as the ridiculous oil tycoon villian- "cue maniacal laughter: Mwah ha ha!"

             Believe it or not- what I truly loved to see is the growth and maturity of the Muppets...
In the beginning of the film- we find that Kermit is not his usual jovial self- but a more mature muppet who has been through both good and bad times and is perhaps a bit scarred.  Miss Piggy is also more grown up and established a new life for herself working at the Paris offices of Vogue Magazine.  When Piggy and Kermit talk after not seeing one another for many years-Piggy calmly tells her frog,  "I'm through waiting for you Kermit.... it's never about us, it's always about your show. I've made a new life for myself with new friends."  The old Piggy would have gone into karate chopping hysterics- but this is a new self-assured Piggy. Bravo!   Fozzi is not in the best of work/living  environments and Kermit actually apologizes to him for not keeping in touch and is sad to see him living in such poor conditions.  I was so moved.  To top it off- Animal is in anger managment classes- and Jack Black is is sponser!   I was floored- these muppets are socially contious and responsible.

                  As with most all the Muppet films, there were plenty of charming celebrity cameos... My one dissappointment was that they didn't give Neil Patrick Harris more screen time.  Seriously, Harris is a brilliant entertainer and he only had 1 moderately funny line?  If I had any say- I would have given him a big song and dance number and he and Piggy would run off together- now THAT's a movie!  ha ha! 

              I loved this film- and I highly reccommend it for both children and adults alike.  It's highly entertaining and sends a beautiful message of teamwork, forgiveness, independance, and growing up.  
My personal favorite Muppet film is still "The Muppets Take Manhattan"  however this new release        "The Muppets"  is a very close second.

See you at the movies!

-Francesca Marrone

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